Saturday, June 23, 2007

Will's Sixth Sense

Back in November (06) we bought a new TV. The box was immediately reincarnated as a playhouse (as all TV boxes should be). Because my husband is a builder by trade, the playhouse featured a pitched roof with dormers. Now, nearly nine months later, we quietly decided that the house's useful life had expired. It is, after all, flippin' HUGE and conveniently located right in the middle of our dining room. Will, who has ignored the house for about six months, showcased his previously unknown but highly developed psychic powers by immediately taking a renewed interest in the house. He now realizes that it can be a drive-thru window and alternately, he can eat in it. He requested that I join him there today. As with any house that has been vacant for several months, a pest inspection (using Andy's trouble light) was in order. After ascertaining that the only squatter was a dead ladybug, Sophie and I crawled on in and joined him. So the TV box lives on.

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Amy said...

Very impressive work, Andy. I think cardboard in an excellent medium for your work.