Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Collection of Statements/Questions/Requests I Never Thought I'd Make, Ever, Until I Became A Mom

These days, every day I hear words coming out of my mouth that I can't believe I am saying. Here are some recent examples:

1) No, Will, I can't close the garage door with my esophagus.

2) You're not eating books again, are you?

3) (From a few weeks ago) Mom, I need for you to come do another poop inspection.

4) a. We're going to the grocery store that has the car carts.

4) b. Yes Will, you're driving us to Colorado in the car cart.

4) c. Will, you're driving because we're in the United States. If we were in Europe, Sophie would be driving.

4) d. You know, this car is actually like an airplane, so either wheel can control it. All you have to say is, "Sophie, it's your turn to drive." You don't have to change places. Just tell her you're turning over the controls to her.

5) I can't help you pee-pee. You have to do that part on your own.

6) Let's go to McDonald's!

7) Are you eating the cabinet?

8) No, I'm not a big huge frog (an automatic response to the question, "Are you a big huge shrog?")

9) Yes, I'll sit on your bed... I mean the lawn mower.

10) Please don't eat the burrs off the dog.

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Anonymous said...

Kathy - This is only the beginning!!! You have no idea what you'll find yourself saying. If Will is an "inventor" like his dad, one day you'll be saying things like: "We don't need a new toilet invention that you can use in your room. Now go throw away that milk jug and the soggy paper towel roll taped onto it. I'll clean up the carpeting where it leaked." Love, MOM