Monday, July 23, 2007

A Recent Prayer

Dear Lord,

I am so thankful to You for my children, one of Your greatest blessings. I know how lucky I am that they are healthy and normal, at least as much as can be expected considering their gene pool. So please understand that I don't mean to seem ungrateful...

But why Lord? Why do they have to be sick whenever their cousin Zoe comes to visit? They've been healthy for months without so much as a runny nose. And You know last time they gave her that ear infection, the one that's resistant to antibiotics... This time they come down with some mysterious fever-rash combination that looks suspiciously like Roseola, not three days before she rolls into town. Why?

Lord, I realize that I may possibly be focusing on the little picture here. I hope You don't mind that I am often praying for mundane things. And I am so glad that the kids been so healthy this summer. But I have to ask You for yet another blessing: Please, please don't let Zoe get sick! If she does, she and Molly may be afraid to ever come to our house again. So please let the fact that the fever's been gone for over 24 hours mean that my kids aren't contagious and please protect her from any lingering germs!

Thank you for your consideration, Father.

(Sophie sports her mystery rash here)

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