Thursday, July 19, 2007

No Soph, that's Vewy Dang'rus!

This is a refrain we hear often at our house. It seems EVERYTHING Sophie touches is Dang'rus, including 1) Toy Trucks 2) a Fisher Price Toy Phone and 3) Little People School Buses. Also, apparently, anything else that Will is playing with at any given moment. I guess since he is likely to hurt her if he catches her with any of his stuff, it's technically true that it is all dangerous for her.

A couple of weeks ago, Will invented a new sport, Sister Tipping. It's much like cow tipping, only Soph is awake and sitting up when she is victimized. The part where the tipper runs away laughing gleefully is much the same. Luckily, with a little swift justice, I think we were able to squelch this fad before it caught on internationally.


Unknown said...

FUNNY. I mean, seriously, you could write a column in Parents' magazine or some publication. Funny, funny, funny...
Also funny that you want me to post a picture of me preggers. Like that's going to happen! I don't even like non-pregnant pictures of myself!

Amy said...

Don't believe Sara. She is adorable pregnant. She even has cute, trendy maternity clothes. It's sickening to those of us, like myself, that get the beached whale look when pregnant.