Saturday, July 21, 2007

General Updates on Previous Posts

OK, so I wanted to let you guys know some random updates about things mentioned in previous posts...

1. Spoono is alive and well and is an almost constant presence at our house.

2. Apparently there is no master Plaque List, and different people order them. So just because I'm on one person's plaque list doesn't mean I'm on everyone's. I'm not sure I ever will be, since I don't think I'll ever be either the general manager or president of the company. So each time the plaques roll in, I will just have to be on pins and needles along with everyone else to find out if I've made the cut this time.

3. Sophie's still chowing down on green bean casserole at every opportunity, and is still toothless. She still says nothing but "Uh-oh". She is, however, crawling on all-fours now and pulling up on everything.

4. Will still needs a haircut, although Andy is wavering, thinking that maybe Will's long hair is starting to look "cool". I disagree.

5. The TV box is still in my dining room.

6. Andy is looking for another house to flip. I am trying to discourage this for a while and am thinking of changing my MLS password and not telling him what it is.

7. Will is totally potty-trained (although I am still putting him in a diaper at night just in case)!

I think that's all - you are now officially updated.

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Amy said...

Congrats to you both on the potty training. Would you like to have Luke over for a day and train him?