Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Plaque List

You know the "gold records" you see on music industry veterans' walls? We call those plaques. At Curb, unless perhaps you're direct-entry senior management, there's apparently a waiting period of 5-10 years from date of employment until you actually start getting these. A year or so ago, my ship finally came in and a beautiful plaque inscribed to me arrived, celebrating the success of Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying" album. The fact that I had nothing to do, directly, with that album's success is inconsequential. I do at least make darn sure that his royalty statements are accurate and hopefully in so doing, preserve whatever shred of peace exists between Tim and Curb. I am also nice to his auditors and business managers.

Heck, maybe I do deserve the plaque!

Anyway, a few months later I was privileged to receive a second plaque, this one for Rodney Atkins. Wow. This confirmed that the Tim plaque wasn't a fluke. Somehow, after eight years, my name had found its way onto the mysterious "Plaque List".

So naturally, I was excited when I saw new plaques stacked in the lobby yesterday. A third addition - why, that makes for a full-fledged collection! Then I saw the artist involved. I won't mention any names, but its a Christian trio. Unlike Tim and Rodney, I know personally two of the three group members. They're very nice, but I call them my worrywarts. They call me several times a year, WAY more than any other artists or managers, and I've met with them and gone over their rates and statements. They even thank me in their liner notes, which no one else ever does! So if there was any doubt that I'd be receiving one of these plaques, it was instantly erased.

I returned to the office after an afternoon meeting. It took me a while to notice the plaques were all gone from the lobby. Then I noticed there wasn't one in my office. Strange...

A quick search of the building ensued and confirmed that there was NO PLAQUE WITH MY NAME ON IT! How could this be?

I am on the case. I will let you, my faithful readers, know how this turns out...

Until next time I remain yours truly,



Anonymous said...

Wow! That's really neat that you actually got a plague with your name on it. You are officially very important. I hope you get this third one. Maybe your's is so much bigger and better than all the other ones that were in the lobby. They had to ship it by itself.

Where are you hanging your new collection? I'm sure that it will soon be too large for your office.

Let your faithful readers know how it comes out!

On a totally different note, I wanted to comment on how beautiful, delicate, and non-boyish looking your little girl appears. I really don't think she looks like a boy at all. That is funny though.

Amy said...

OK, I am dying to know the group. I'm going to have to do some creative Googling to try and find out.